phentermine can it get you high

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Photonut, I live pretty much southeast MN, not quite southcentral. I grew up near Mankato.
Do I bite the bullet, pay another $100 for an exam and go back to my old eye doctor (there was no reason to change, except that my friend thought I would really like her doc) and start the process all over again? At least I know I'll be able to get an Rx for Acuvue Toric lenses from him... but I don't know if the problem is my increased astigmatism and if that's what's causing the problems (from what I've researched, it seems that if there is a high correction for astigmatism that a shift in the lens off-center can cause things to go blurry). I don't know if other brands of lenses account for this better than the ones I'm wearing now or not.
I am sure based on my recent symptoms and extensive family history of thyroid disorders that I'm currently experiencing an autoimmune hyperthyroid condition (Grave's Disease maybe?). I usually feel a bit hypo when my immune system is normal, but every time I get a sinus infection or UTI I get a flare of hyperthyroid symptoms until the infection clears up, at which time the thyroid stuff goes away, too. That's what leads me to believe it's autoimmune. I also have a couple of other autoimmune conditions, which means I'm more likely to develop others.
Hi Jess,
The ortho doc I saw suspected Lyme, did the standard ELISA test which was negative. Felt I should see a Rhematologist, the Rheumotologist did no further testing and pronounced my condition "Fibromyalgia" . Since I was so sensitive to medications he had nothing to offer me.

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