Viagra Cialis Heart Problems

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My sister has gone home today (Saturday). She stayed 2 nites and 3 days. Which is really hard, as she stays at my parents and tries to help them and visit with them. It was really weird, her and her husband, just decided she should come and surprise them. He stayed home with the 2 doggies. And then all this happens! Talk about luck or whatever you want to call it. She was REALLY helpful this time. My sis made copies of all the dr. office visit papers (when my mother was gone), and hid them for me in our parents house. I am going to call her dr. Mon. morning, while she is gone to the diagnostic tests (bone density, mamogram and chest x-ray). She does not want anyone to go with her. And my sister gave her really good directions. Hopefully she will remember them. She keeps saying, and I cannot eat breakfast b4 these tests Monday?! Gets these tests mixed up with the fasting blood test on Tues am. With a few phone calls from one of us, maybe she will get there and get it straight. She will probably try to sneak in some coffee but not eat food!!!
Just want to know if there is anybody on here that knows what the steps are. Any help would be great!!
So stupidly, the idea of contacting her on FaceBook has invaded my brain. Something which could be met by any possible emotion on her part, or in the extreme, get me in big trouble with my wife who I don't want to hurt.
I wish you well, and there are others here who have dealt with sociopaths, they will surely chime in, and share their stories with you...you are not alone!

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